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Microdry Inc., has a limited number of reconditioned 75kW microwave transmitters with Poly-Phase Transformers and six phase rectifiers. The poly-phase transformer and the six-phase rectification give this microwave power transmitter a more stable operation with a longer magnetron life. With the combination of a high impedance transformer and krypton spark gap, the unavoidable arc-off of a high power transmitter is less violent ... almost undetectable. These transmitters are controlled by an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC that can be upgraded with an optional 550 panel view (shown). For magnetron protection, it has an external three-port circulator to prevent damage during high reflected power periods. A directional coupler monitors the reflected power and deenergizes the high voltage to the magnetron should the reflected power level increase above a preset level.

$69,000.00 ea. USD

Transmitter Specifications:
Power Output: 75kW@915+/- 10MHz
Power Input: 440-480 VAC, 3 Phase, 60Hz
Output Fitting: WR-975

Typical Magnetron Operation:
Filament Voltage: 11.4V
DC Anode Voltage: 17kV
Anode Current: 5.0 A

Electromagnet: Current: 4.3 A
Overall Efficiency: 80-85% at 75kW

Plant Water - 8 gpm @80°F Max.
Plant Water - 8 gpm @60°F Min.

Dimensions: 32" deep X 84" high X 79" wide
Weight: Approximately 4,000 lbs.

75 kW-915 MHz


For more information on availabilty and delivery, contact:
Microdry Incorporated
Phone: 502-241-8933
Fax: 502-241-8648