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Microdry Incorporated
is a world leader in industrial microwave processing equipment and offers complete electrical and mechanical design capabilities as well as fabrication, machining, and manufacturing abilities. Microdry also has a full service applications laboratory where products can be tested and evaluated on pilot and full scale equipment making Microdry Incorporated the largest and most comprehensive industrial microwave manufacturer in the United States.

When microwave heating can be used - and is used properly - almost certainly you will process more product in less time at lower cost. Throughout history there has been but one way to heat materials: apply heat to its surface. About thirty years ago, industrial engineers began developing microwave heating techniques that avoid some limitations of conventional heating, results often are remarkable.

Custom manufacturing is the hallmark of Microdry Incorporated. Every machine we produce is viability tested, designed, engineered and produced to meet your specific needs. It is this attention to unique applications that makes a tailor made Microdry system superior in quality, productivity and durability.

Suppliers of MICROWAVE POWER Since 1962- as pioneers, MICRODRY developed continuous conveyorized industrial microwave systems - developments largely responsible for today's microwave processing industry. For more information, call write or e-mail:

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